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HS Code 07099960 - Fresh, chilled, sweetcorn

Fresh or chilled sweetcorn

Trade restrictions

Chapter 07 2 Trade restrictions
Position 0709 11 Trade restrictions
Subheading 070999 11 Trade restrictions

Nomenclature Number 07099960
2012-01-01 ERGA OMNES Third country duty
2018-01-01 Western Balkan countries (AL, BA, ME, MK, XK, XS) Tariff preference
2014-01-01 OCTs (Overseas Countries and Territories) Tariff preference
2012-01-01 Andorra Tariff preference
2018-01-01 Albania Tariff preference
2018-01-01 Bosnia and Herzegovina Tariff preference
2017-01-01 Ecuador Tariff preference
2012-01-01 Egypt Tariff preference
2012-01-01 Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Tariff preference
2012-01-01 Lebanon Tariff preference
2018-01-01 Montenegro Tariff preference
2018-01-01 Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Tariff preference
2012-01-01 San Marino Customs Union Duty
2018-01-01 Kosovo (As defined by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 10 June 1999) Tariff preference
2018-01-01 Serbia Tariff preference

Changes to this tariff number

Changes in favor of 7099960
2011: 7099060 2012: 7099960