Embargo and sanction lists - an overview

Embargoes or sanctions are a prohibition to export certain goods to countries, persons or organizations. An overview of these embargolists can be found here.

Embargoes or sanctions are a prohibitions to export certain goods to countries or persons and organizations. Embargo lists may include:
  • Raw materials, chemicals, drug precursors
  • Dual-use goods, weapons
  • Technology
  • Luxury goods

In addition:
  • Payments, financial transactions, investments
  • Services

Sanction lists against persons / organizations

The basis for the different sanction lists is usually the UN sanctions list. In addition, individual countries supplement the list with additional entries.

Non-public sanction lists against persons and organizations

Various governments offer export-oriented companies lists, which should warn of so-called "purchasers". These lists are non-public and should in no case be made publicly available.
  • Germany (Early warning lists)
  • Great Britain (UK-PC, BERR)

Goods lists (dual-use, weapons, etc)

In order to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of the peoples, a regulation of the trade of weapons or goods suitable for the production of weapons is indispensable.

Country-related Embargoes

An overview of current European Embargos can be found on the site of the European External Action Service (EEAS):

↗ Consolidated list of sanctions

Who needs to check?

Business with sanctioned persons and institutions is punishable, every company has to implement these regulations.
Since the US is interpreting their provisions extraterritorial, the US Government may also impose penalties against non-US citizens.

Early warning lists

An additional receiver check on the non-public "early warning letters" of the German BMWi are also recommended (only from inside Germany).