Classifications asides the Combined Nomenclature

In addition to the Combined Nomenclature and the harmonized system, there is further classification of products and services. For example: UNCCS, UNSPSC, NSN and FSC


United Nations Standard Products and Services Code is the successor to the UNCCS Code (United Nations Common Coding System).

Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)

The Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN) is a number assigned by a seller and shipper of goods to identify a shipment comprised of one or more logistic units that are intended to be delivered together.

NATO Stock Number (NSN)

The Nato Supply Number (13 digits) consists of material group, material class, country code, and NIIN (National Item Identification Number).
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Federal Supply Class (FSC)

Federal Supply Class (FSC) codes are used to group products into logical families for management purposes. The four-digit fields, (defined within Cataloging Handbook H2-1) are used to group standardization documents and their products into logical families. Similarly, Standardization Areas refer to categories for engineering technologies, disciplines, and practices that do not fall under a FSC.
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