Export declarations and Customs declarations

An export declaration has to be submitted for every export of goods to a country outside the EU with an invoice value starting with EUR 1.000.

Documents required for an export declaration:

  • Invoice with Customs Tariff Number (8 digits)
  • Packing list with exact net and gross weight and number of packages
  • Eori number of consignor / exporter

Contact Export declaration

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Since export declaration can only be made electronically since July 2009 (ATLAS procedure), but not everyone has the necessary software, we have a suitable customs office for you.

Please briefly describe your request in this contact form:

  • Value of goods
  • EORI number available? (Formerly called customs number)
  • Temporary export or sale?
Our partner will then contact you at short notice and you will receive an email asking for exact data with documents needed for the export declaration. First of all, you need a commercial invoice with the following content, the following information being required for each customs tariff number:

  • Description of the goods
  • Number of pieces
  • Net Weight / Gross Weight
  • Value of goods
Then cumulated
  • The total value
  • Number of packs to be shipped