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HS Code 07112010 - Olives, provisionally, preserved

Olives provisionally preserved, e.g. by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine, in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption (excl. for oil production)

Trade restrictions

Chapter 07 2 Trade restrictions
Position 0711 21 Trade restrictions
Subheading 071120 6 Trade restrictions

Nomenclature Number 07112010
2018-01-01 Lebanon Preferential tariff quota under end-use
2018-01-01 Tunisia Preferential tariff quota under end-use
2007-01-01 ERGA OMNES Non preferential duty under end-use
2015-01-01 GSP (R 12/978) - General arrangements Preference under end-use
2014-01-01 GSP+ (incentive arrangement for sustainable development and good governance) Preference under end-use
2013-08-01 Central America Tariff preference
2009-04-01 Albania Tariff preference
2009-01-01 Bosnia and Herzegovina Tariff preference
2007-01-01 Chile Preference under end-use
2007-01-01 Algeria Preference under end-use
2017-01-01 Ecuador Tariff preference
2010-05-01 Montenegro Tariff preference
2009-01-01 Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Tariff preference
2016-07-01 Mexico Preference under end-use
2007-01-01 Turkey Preference under end-use
2016-04-01 Kosovo (As defined by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 10 June 1999) Tariff preference
2010-02-01 Serbia Tariff preference