Notes to the CHAPTER 64




  • 1. This chapter does not cover:
    • (a) disposable foot or shoe coverings of flimsy material (for example, paper, sheeting of plastics) without applied soles. These products are classified according to their constituent material;
    • (b) footwear of textile material, without an outer sole glued, sewn or otherwise affixed or applied to the upper (Section XI);
    • (c) worn footwear of heading 6309;
    • (d) articles of asbestos (heading 6812);
    • (e) orthopaedic footwear or other orthopaedic appliances, or parts thereof (heading 9021); or
    • (f) toy footwear or skating boots with ice or roller skates attached; shin-guards or similar protective sportswear (Chapter 95).
  • 2. For the purposes of heading 6406, the term "parts" does not include pegs, protectors, eyelets, hooks, buckles, ornaments, braid, laces, pompons or other trimmings (which are to be classified in their appropriate headings) or buttons or other goods of heading 9606.
  • 3. For the purposes of this chapter:
    • (a) the terms "rubber" and "plastics" include woven fabrics or other textile products with an external layer of rubber or plastics being visible to the naked eye; for the purpose of this provision, no account should be taken of any resulting change of colour; and
    • (b) the term "leather" refers to the goods of headings 4107 and 4112 to 4114.
  • 4. Subject to note 3 to this chapter:
    • (a) the material of the upper shall be taken to be the constituent material having the greatest external surface area, no account being taken of accessories or reinforcements such as ankle patches, edging, ornamentation, buckles, tabs, eyelet stays or similar attachments;
    • (b) the constituent material of the outer sole shall be taken to be the material having the greatest surface area in contact with the ground, no account being taken of accessories or reinforcements such as spikes, bars, nails, protectors or similar attachments.

Subheading note

  • 1. For the purposes of subheadings 640212, 640219, 640312, 640319 and 640411, the expression "sports footwear" applies only to:
    • (a) footwear which is designed for a sporting activity and has, or has provision for the attachment of, spikes, sprigs, stops, clips, bars or the like;
    • (b) skating boots, ski-boots and cross-country ski footwear, snowboard boots, wrestling boots, boxing boots and cycling shoes.

Additional notes

  • 1. Within the meaning of note 4(a), "reinforcements" is taken to mean all pieces of material (for example, plastics or leather) attached to the external surface of the upper to give additional strength, whether or not also attached to the sole. After the removal of reinforcements, the visible material must have the characteristics of an upper and not lining, supporting the foot sufficiently to enable the wearer, with the original fastening systems in place, to walk in the footwear. Account is to be taken of sections covered by accessories or reinforcements when deciding on the composition of the upper.
  • 2. Within the meaning of note 4(b), one or more layers of textile material which do not possess the characteristics usually required for normal use of an outer sole (for example, durability, strength, etc.) are not to be taken into consideration for classification purposes.