Notes to the CHAPTER 69




  • 1. This chapter applies only to ceramic products which have been fired after shaping:
    • (a) headings 6904 to 6914 apply only to such products other than those classifiable in headings 6901 to 6903;
    • (b) articles heated to temperatures less than 800 °C for purposes such as curing of resins, accelerating hydration reactions, or for the removal of water or other volatile components, are not considered to be fired. Such articles are excluded from Chapter 69; and
    • (c) ceramic articles are obtained by firing inorganic, non-metallic materials which have been prepared and shaped previously at, in general, room temperature. Raw materials comprise, inter alia, clays, siliceous materials including fused silica, materials with a high melting point, such as oxides, carbides, nitrides, graphite or other carbon, and in some cases binders such as refractory clays or phosphates.
  • 2. This chapter does not cover:
    • (a) products of heading 2844;
    • (b) articles of heading 6804;
    • (c) articles of Chapter 71 (for example, imitation jewellery);
    • (d) cermets of heading 8113;
    • (e) articles of Chapter 82;
    • (f) electrical insulators (heading 8546) or fittings of insulating material of heading 8547;
    • (g) artificial teeth (heading 9021);
    • (h) articles of Chapter 91 (for example, clocks and clock cases);
    • (ij) articles of Chapter 94 (for example, furniture, luminaires and lighting fittings, prefabricated buildings);
    • (k) articles of Chapter 95 (for example, toys, games and sports requisites);
    • (l) articles of heading 9606 (for example, buttons) or of heading 9614 (for example, smoking pipes); or
    • (m) articles of Chapter 97 (for example, works of art).