Notes to the CHAPTER 70




  • 1. This chapter does not cover:
    • (a) goods of heading 3207 (for example, vitrifiable enamels and glazes, glass frit, other glass in the form of powder, granules or flakes);
    • (b) articles of Chapter 71 (for example, imitation jewellery);
    • (c) optical fibre cables of heading 8544, electrical insulators (heading 8546) or fittings of insulating material of heading 8547;
    • (d) front windscreens (windshields), rear windows and other windows, framed, for vehicles of Chapters 86 to 88;
    • (e) front windscreens (windshields), rear windows and other windows, whether or not framed, incorporating heating devices or other electrical or electronic devices, for vehicles of Chapters 86 to 88;
    • (f) optical fibres, optically worked optical elements, hypodermic syringes, artificial eyes, thermometers, barometers, hydrometers or other articles of Chapter 90;
    • (g) luminaires and lighting fittings, illuminated signs, illuminated nameplates or the like, having a permanently fixed light source, or parts thereof of heading 9405;
    • (h) toys, games, sports requisites, Christmas tree ornaments or other articles of Chapter 95 (excluding glass eyes without mechanisms for dolls or for other articles of Chapter 95); or
    • (ij) buttons, fitted vacuum flasks, scent or similar sprays or other articles of Chapter 96.
  • 2. For the purposes of headings 7003, 7004 and 7005:
    • (a) glass is not regarded as "worked" by reason of any process it has undergone before annealing;
    • (b) cutting to shape does not affect the classification of glass in sheets;
    • (c) the expression "absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer" means a microscopically thin coating of metal or of a chemical compound (for example, metal oxide) which absorbs, for example, infra-red light or improves the reflecting qualities of the glass while still allowing it to retain a degree of transparency or translucency; or which prevents light from being reflected on the surface of the glass.
  • 3. The products referred to in heading 7006 remain classified in that heading, whether or not they have the character of articles.
  • 4. For the purposes of heading 7019, the expression "glass wool" means: Mineral wools which do not comply with the above specifications fall in heading 6806.
    • (a) mineral wools with a silica (SiO2) content not less than 60 % by weight;
    • (b) mineral wools with a silica (SiO2) content less than 60 % but with an alkaline oxide (K2O or Na2O) content exceeding 5 % by weight or a boric oxide (B2O3) content exceeding 2 % by weight.
  • 5. Throughout the nomenclature, the expression "glass" includes fused quartz and other fused silica.

Subheading note

  • 1. For the purposes of subheadings 701322, 701333, 701341 and 701391, the expression "lead crystal" means only glass having a minimum lead monoxide (PbO) content by weight of 24 %.