Notes to the CHAPTER 89




  • 1. A hull, an unfinished or incomplete vessel, assembled, unassembled or disassembled, or a complete vessel unassembled or disassembled, is to be classified in heading 8906 if it does not have the essential character of a vessel of a particular kind.

Additional notes

  • 1. Subheadings 89011010, 89012010, 89013010, 89019010, 89020010, 89032210, 89032310, 89033210, 89033310, 89040091 and 89069010 are to be taken to apply only to vessels, designed as seagoing, having a hull of an overall length (excluding any projecting parts) of not less than 12 m. However, fishing boats and lifeboats, designed as seagoing, shall be considered as seagoing vessels regardless of their length.
  • 2. Subheadings 89051010 and 89059010 are to be taken to apply only to vessels and floating docks, designed as seagoing.
  • 3. For the purpose of heading 8908, the expression "vessels and other floating structures for breaking up" includes the following articles when presented for breaking up, on condition that they have formed part of their normal equipment:
    • - spare parts (such as propellers), whether or not in a new condition,
    • - movable articles (furniture, kitchen equipment, tableware, etc.) showing clear evidence of use.