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HS Code 21021090 - Active, yeasts, culture

Active yeasts (excl. culture yeasts and bakers' yeasts)

Trade restrictions

Chapter 21 2 Trade restrictions
Position 2102 22 Trade restrictions
Subheading 210210 14 Trade restrictions

Nomenclature Number 21021090
2018-01-01 South Africa Preferential tariff quota
2005-01-01 ERGA OMNES Third country duty
2007-07-01 European Economic Area Tariff preference
2015-01-01 GSP (R 12/978) - General arrangements Tariff preference
2003-02-01 Chile Tariff preference
2016-07-01 Mexico Tariff preference
1978-11-01 Syria Tariff preference
2006-01-01 Turkey Customs Union Duty
1991-07-01 Ceuta Tariff preference
1999-01-01 Melilla Tariff preference
2007-01-01 EU-Switzerland agreement: re-imported goods Tariff preference
2005-02-01 Switzerland Tariff preference
2005-02-01 Liechtenstein Tariff preference