HS Code 43023025 - Tanned, dressed, furskins

Tanned or dressed whole furskins of rabbit or hare, and pieces or cuttings thereof, assembled, without the addition of other materials (excl. 'dropped' furskins, clothing, clothing accessories and other furskin articles)
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      4302 Tanned or dressed furskins (including heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings), unassembled, or assembled (without the addition of other materials) other than those of heading 4303 430230 Whole skins and pieces or cuttings thereof, assembled Other 43023025 ➔ Of rabbit or hare 43023099 Other

    Trade restrictions

    Chapter 43
    37 Trade restrictions
    Position 4302
    3 Trade restrictions
    Subheading 430230
    14 Trade restrictions

    Customs Tariff Number 43023025:

    ERGA OMNES (1011)
    Supplementary unit
    Regulation 2658/87
    ERGA OMNES (1011)
    Third country duty
    Regulation 2261/98
    2.200 %