HS Code 54024500 - Filament, yarn, nylon

Filament yarn of nylon or other polyamides, incl. monofilament of < 67 decitex, single, untwisted or with a twist of <= 50 turns per metre (excl. sewing thread, yarn put up for retail sale, elastomeric yarn, high-tenacity yarn and textured yarn)
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      5402 Synthetic filament yarn (other than sewing thread), not put up for retail sale, including synthetic monofilament of less than 67 decitex Other yarn, single, untwisted or with a twist not exceeding 50 turns per metre 54024500 ➔ Other, of nylon or other polyamides

    Trade restrictions

    Chapter 54
    53 Trade restrictions
    Position 5402
    5 Trade restrictions
    Subheading 540245
    1 Trade restrictions

    Customs Tariff Number 54024500:

    ERGA OMNES (1011)
    Suspension - goods for certain categories of ships, boats and other vessels and for drilling or production platforms
    Regulation 2658/87
    0.000 %

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    2006: 54024100
    2007: 54024500