HS Code 84485110 - Sinkers, forming, stitches

Sinkers used in forming stitches, for machines of heading 8447
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      8448 Auxiliary machinery for use with machines of heading 8444, 8445, 8446 or 8447 (for example, dobbies, jacquards, automatic stop motions, shuttle changing mechanisms); parts and accessories suitable for use solely or principally with the machines of this heading or of heading 8444, 8445, 8446 or 8447 (for example, spindles and spindle flyers, card clothing, combs, extruding nipples, shuttles, healds and heald-frames, hosiery needles) Parts and accessories of machines of heading 8447 or of their auxiliary machinery 844851 Sinkers, needles and other articles used in forming stitches 84485110 ➔ Sinkers 84485190 Other

    Trade restrictions

    Chapter 84
    42 Trade restrictions
    Position 8448
    16 Trade restrictions
    Subheading 844851
    0 Trade restrictions

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