HS Code 87084099 - Parts, gear, boxes

Parts for gear boxes for tractors, motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons, motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons, motor vehicles for the transport of goods and special purpose motor vehicles, n.e.s (excl. those for the industrial assembly of certain motor vehicles of subheading 87084020 and of closed-die forged steel)
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      8708 Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705 870840 Gear boxes and parts thereof Other Parts 87084091 Of closed-die forged steel 87084099 ➔ Other

    Trade restrictions

    Chapter 87
    49 Trade restrictions
    Position 8708
    37 Trade restrictions
    Subheading 870840
    1 Trade restrictions

    Customs Tariff Number 87084099:

    ERGA OMNES (1011)
    Third country duty
    Regulation 1549/06
    3.500 %

    Changes to this tariff number

    Changes in favor of 87084099
    2006: 87089998
    2007: 87084099