HS Code 11062010 - Denatured, flour, meal

Denatured flour, meal and powder of sago or of manioc, arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and similar roots and tubers with a high content of starch or inulin of heading 0714
Entry under this subheading is subject to the conditions laid down in section II, paragraph F, of the preliminary provisions.

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      1106 Flour, meal and powder of the dried leguminous vegetables of heading 0713, of sago or of roots or tubers of heading 0714 or of the products of Chapter 8 110620 Of sago or of roots or tubers of heading 0714 11062010 ➔ Denatured 11062090 Other

    Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Chapter 11
    35 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Position 1106
    11 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Subheading 110620
    0 Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Customs Tariff Number 11062010:

    ERGA OMNES (1011)
    Third country duty
    Regulation 2204/99
    95.000 EUR TNE
    Singapore (SG)
    Tariff preference
    Decision 1875/19
    31.660 EUR TNE
    Viet Nam (VN)
    Tariff preference
    Decision 0753/20
    31.666 EUR TNE