HS Code 52064100 - Multiple, folded, cabled

Multiple "folded" or cabled cotton yarn containing predominantly, but < 85% cotton by weight, of combed fibres and with a linear density of >= 714,29 decitex "< MN 14" per single yarn (excl. sewing thread and yarn put up for retail sale)
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      5206 Cotton yarn (other than sewing thread), containing less than 85 % by weight of cotton, not put up for retail sale Multiple (folded) or cabled yarn, of combed fibres 52064100 ➔ Measuring per single yarn 714,29 decitex or more (not exceeding 14 metric number per single yarn)

    Trade restrictions

    Chapter 52
    44 Trade restrictions
    Position 5206
    19 Trade restrictions
    Subheading 520641
    0 Trade restrictions

    Customs Tariff Number 52064100: