HS Code 64035105 - Footwear, outer, soles

Footwear with outer soles and uppers of leather, made on a base or platform of wood, covering the ankle, with neither an inner sole nor a protective metal toecap

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      6403 Footwear with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of leather Other footwear with outer soles of leather 640351 Covering the ankle 64035105 ➔ Made on a base or platform of wood, not having an inner sole

    Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Chapter 64
    53 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Position 6403
    7 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Subheading 640351
    11 Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Customs Tariff Number 64035105:

    Certain handicraft products (Handicrafts) (2301)
    Non preferential tariff quota
    Regulation 0032/00
    0.000 %

    Changes to this tariff number

    Changes in favor of 64035105
    2006: 64033000
    2007: 64035105