HS Code 52063200 - Multiple, folded, cabled

Multiple "folded" or cabled cotton yarn containing predominantly, but < 85% cotton by weight, of uncombed fibres and with a linear density of 232,56 decitex to < 714,29 decitex "> MN 14 to MN 43" per single yarn (excl. sewing thread and yarn put up for retail sale)

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      5206 Cotton yarn (other than sewing thread), containing less than 85 % by weight of cotton, not put up for retail sale Multiple (folded) or cabled yarn, of uncombed fibres 52063200 ➔ Measuring per single yarn less than 714,29 decitex but not less than 232,56 decitex (exceeding 14 metric number but not exceeding 43 metric number per single yarn)

    Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Chapter 52
    45 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Position 5206
    19 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Subheading 520632
    0 Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Customs Tariff Number 52063200: