HS Code 90189020 - Endoscopes, medical, surgical

Endoscopes used in medical, surgical or veterinary sciences

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      9018 Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electromedical apparatus and sight-testing instruments 901890 Other instruments and appliances 90189010 Instruments and apparatus for measuring blood-pressure 90189020 ➔ Endoscopes 90189030 Renal dialysis equipment (artificial kidneys, kidney machines and dialysers) 90189040 Diathermic apparatus 90189050 Transfusion and infusion apparatus 90189060 Anaesthetic apparatus and instruments 90189075 Apparatus for nerve stimulation 90189084 Other

    Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Chapter 90
    52 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Position 9018
    2 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Subheading 901890
    0 Trade restrictions, TARIC

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