HS Code 90213910 - Ocular, protheses

Ocular protheses

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      9021 Orthopaedic appliances, including crutches, surgical belts and trusses; splints and other fracture appliances; artificial parts of the body; hearing aids and other appliances which are worn or carried, or implanted in the body, to compensate for a defect or disability Other artificial parts of the body 902139 Other 90213910 ➔ Ocular prostheses 90213990 Other

    Trade restrictions, TARIC

    Chapter 90
    51 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Position 9021
    1 Trade restrictions, TARIC
    Subheading 902139
    0 Trade restrictions, TARIC

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    2001: 90213010
    2002: 90213910