Customs Tariff Number Position 9508 - Search results (11)

Travelling circuses and travelling menageries; amusement park rides and water park amusements; fairground amusements, including shooting galleries; travelling theatres (excl. booths, incl. the goods on sale, goods for distribution as prizes, gaming machines accepting coins or tokens, and tractors and other transport vehicles, incl. normal trailers)
Travelling circuses and travelling menageries
Roller coasters
Carousels, swings and roundabouts
Dodge’em cars
Motion simulators and moving theatres
Water rides
Water park amusements
Amusement park rides (excl. roller coasters, carousels, swings, roundabouts, dodge'em cars, motion simulators, moving theatres and water rides)
Fairground amusements
Travelling theatres