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Definition: Economic Activity of the Employer

Social statistics

Accident at work and commuting accident : The term economic activity of the employer covers the main "economic" activity of the local unit of the enterprise of the victim. The local unit of an enterprise means the geographical location of a business, professional practice, farm, manufacturer, public corporation, etc., (see below). The main activity is defined here as the most important kind of activity in terms of highest number of employees. The local unit of an enterprise is classified according to the detailed version (4 digits level) of the NACE Rev.1. However the fourth position with the value '0' or the third and fourth positions with the value '00 ' are accepted when only the code at the three or two digits level is known.

Occupational disease : It is the economic activity of the employer of the period of harmful exposure is classified according to a short version (2-digit level) of the NACE, Rev 1.
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