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Definition: Economically active

Social statistics

(Economically) active - 'Labour force' consists of persons belong to the following categories:

 - At work
Persons stating they are 'currently' working for pay or profit in a job or business for at least one hour, or not currently working but with a job or business from which they are temporarily absent. Persons 'at work' comprise therefore 'paid employees', 'self-employed (together with employers)', persons in 'training under special scheme related to employment' or in 'paid apprenticeship'. Persons 'working unpaid in family enterprise' are also included.
 - Unemployed
Persons that are currently not working (i.e. 0 hours) and are available to start work within the next two weeks AND 
(a) that have already found a job to start in the future or are awaiting the outcome of an application or interview, or 
(b) that are actively seeking a job (i.e. contacted a public employment office for finding work, applied directly to an employer, studied or replied to advertisements, contacted a private employment or vocational guidance agency, asked friends or contacts or have taken steps to start an own business), or 
(c) that are seeking a job and have received a job offer during the past 4 weeks.
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