Definition: Annualised growth rate

OECD - Data and Metadata Reporting

Annualised growth rates (Annualised rate of change) show the value that would be registered if the quarter-on-previous quarter or month-on-previous month rate of change were maintained for a full year.

Annualised growth rates attempt to facilitate comparison of data for different time periods (e.g. years and quarters). However, because the impact of any irregular is magnified, use of this form of growth rate presentation is not recommended, especially as the key headline series.
Task force on data and metadata presentation for the OECD Short-term Economic Statistics Working Party (STESWP), Paris, 2004 [quoted in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), "Data and Metadata Reporting and Presentation Handbook", OECD, Paris, 2007]

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