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Definition: Environmental protection fees/purchases


Fees/Purchases includes all purchases of environmental protection services, both from public and private producers. These payments are clearly linked with an environmental protection activity done outside the enterprise and should exclude e.g. fines and penalties. The payments include:

-Payments to specialised producers (enterprises) for waste and wastewater collection and treatment and payments to environmental consultants linked e.g. with environmental management and education.

-Payments to Public sector for waste and wastewater collection and treatment (whatever the name of the payments - fees, charges etc) as well as permits and surveillance fees.

Payments of taxes directly used for financing environmental protection expenditure - so called earmarked environmental taxes are excluded, but should be reported as Subsidies/Transfers. Payments of general environmental or green taxes (such as energy taxes) are excluded completely from this questionnaire.
Joint OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire 2002 on the State of the Environment, section on Environmental Expenditure