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Definition: Estimated cost of attendance



The cost of congress attendance is the estimate made by the visitor for expenses met by himself or the firm for his participation in and stay at the congress.

Categories :

1. Package travel, package holidays and package tours (total travel costs)
 1.1.  Accommodation (with food where included)
 1.2. Transport
 1.3. Insurance
 1.4. Other

2.  Accommodation

3.  Food and drinks (distinguishable from accommodations)

4.  Transport (to and within the destination and back home)
 4.1. Cost of travelling to the host city and back
  4.1.1. Air
  4.1.2. Other
 4.2. Cost of transport within the city

5.  Recreation, cultural and sporting activities
 5.1.  Entrance fees, charges for use of equipment
 5.2. Other

6.  Shopping
 6.1. Pre-visit shopping for items to be used during the trip
 6.2. Shopping for items to take home
 6.3. Shopping for items to consume during the stay

7.  Other
 7.1. Cost of congress
  7.1.1. Registration fee
  7.1.2. Expenses of photocopies, programme and materials 
  7.1.3. Books, magazines and subscriptions related to the congress
  7.1.4. Annual fees paid to the organisation
  7.1.5. Telecommunication
  7.1.6. Exhibiting (stand building, transport, space rental, personnel, catering, promotion, material, etc.).
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