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Definition: Exports and imports of goods and services

Quarterly national accounts

Exports and imports of goods and services consist of transactions in goods and services (sales, barter, gifts and grants) between resident and non-residents (see ESA 1995, § 3,128-129; SNA 1993, § 14.88). Imports and exports of goods are to be valued " free on board" (f.o.b.) at the border of the exporting country. This value consists of:
 a) the value of the goods at basic prices;
 b) the related transport and distribution services up to that point of the border, including the cost  of loading on to a carrier for onward transportation;
 c) any taxes less subsidies on the goods exported; for intra-EU deliveries this includes VAT and other taxes on the goods paid in the exporting country.
Handbook on quarterly national accounts, 1999 Edition, Eurostat, p.36