Definition: On-site facility

Statistical methodologies

Facility that has been established on the premises of several National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). It is a place where external researchers can be permitted access to potentially disclosive data under contractual agreements which cover the maintenance of confidentiality, and which place strict controls on the uses to which the data can be put. The on-site facility can be seen as a "safe setting" in which confidential data can be analysed. The on-site facility itself would consist of a secure hermetic working and data storage environment in which the confidentiality of the data for research can be ensured. Both the physical and the IT aspects of security would be considered here. The on-site facility also includes administrative and support facilities to external users, and ensures that the agreed conditions for access to the data were complied with.
ESSNet SDC (Network of Excellence in the European Statistical System in the field of Statistical Disclosure Control), under the coordination of Anco HUNDEPOOL, "Handbook on Statistical Disclosure Control", version 1.2 (2010 Edition)

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