Definition: Foreign trade


Farm balances are not included in foreign trade. 

Foreign trade includes grain and a number of processed products: 
- grain (including grain for seeds) - Chapter 10 of the CN, 
- products of first-stage processing - Chapter 11 of the CN, 
- products of second-stage processing - Chapters 17, 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the CN. 

In order to be included in the balance, processed products are evaluated in grain equivalent. Their weight is converted to the grain weight necessary for their production using technical coefficients. In order to avoid double accounts in the grain evaluation, the by-products of processing are not included in foreign trade (for example, flour is included, but bran is not). 

The quantities provided for food aid are included in the export data.
Manual to update - supply balance sheets - cereals, Doc. E/V/002 EN rev. 1, p.5

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