Definition: All petroleum products (without bio components) (Code 3200)

Category: Energy

All petroleum products (without bio components) covers refinery gas, ethane,  liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha, motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, gasoline type jet fuel, kerosenes (kerosene type jet fuel and other kerosene), gas/diesel oil, residual fuel oil, white spirit & sbp, lubricants, bitumen, petroleum coke, paraffin waxes and other oil products.

All petroleum products (code 3200) is the sum of refinery gas & ethane (code 3210), lpg – liquefied petroleum gas (code 3220), motor spirit (code 3230), kerosenes & jet fuels (code 3240), naphtha (code 3250), gas/diesel oil (code 3260), residual fuel oil (code 3270a), other petroleum products (code 3280) and other oil products (code 3295).
Regulation (Ec) No 1099/2008 On Energy Statistics, Joint International Energy Agency/Eurostat/United Nations Economic Commission For Europe Oil Annual Questionnaire (OilAQ)