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Definition: Amounts owed to customers

National accounts

Amounts owed to customers shall include all amounts owed to creditors that are not credit institutions within the meaning of Article 18 (amounts owed to credit institutions), regardless of their actual designations.

The only exception shall be liabilities represented by debt securities or by any other security, which must be shown under Liabilities item 3 (Debts evidenced by certificates).

Only deposits which satisfy the conditions laid down in national law shall be treated as savings deposits.

Savings bonds shall be shown under the corresponding sub-item only if they are not represented by negotiable certificates.
European Union, Council Directive 86/635/EEC of 8 December 1986 on the annual accounts and consolidated accounts of banks and other financial institutions (Official Journal of the European Communities No L 372, 31/12/1986, p. 1), Article 19.