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Definition: Animal feedingstuffs

National accounts

This heading covers all bought-in domestic and imported feedingstuffs, whether processed or not, including those obtained direct from other farmers. Crop products used in animal feed produced and used in the same reference period on the same agricultural holding are also recorded and entered in a sub-heading of the "animal feedingstuffs" heading as intra-unit consumption (cf. 2.20.9.). They are also recorded in output.
The costs incurred in the preparation and preservation of feedingstuffs (e.g. energy costs and costs for chemical preservatives, etc.) must be broken down by type of cost and not combined with the feedingstuffs themselves. Where no special row is provided for them in Table 3 (Appendix III.), they should be shown in the "Other goods and services" row.
Eurostat, "Manual on the economic accounts for agriculture and forestry EAA/EA 97 (Rev. 1.1)", Luxembourg, 2000