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Definition: In-city transport (from the place of overnight stay to the congress site)



This includes the means of travelling from the place of overnight stay to the congress site and back.


0. Meeting venue and hotel are in the same building

1. Air

2.  Water

 2.1. Passenger lines and ferries
 2.2. Cruise
 2.3. Other waterway services

3.  Land

 3.1. Railway
 3.2. Motor coach or bus and other public road transport
 3.3. Other public non-road transport
  3.3.1. Metro
  3.3.2. Tram
  3.3.3. Others
 3.4. Private vehicle (with capacity for up to eight persons)
 3.5 Other vehicle
   3.5.1. Own car
   3.5.2. Vehicle rental
  3.5.3. Taxi

 3.6 Other means of transport
   3.6.1. On foot
  3.6.2. Others


Other related variables are variables number 30 to 33 (see the methodology for local area statistics).
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