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Definition: Transformation Input in blast-furnace plants (Code B_101006)


Input to blast-furnaces covers the use of coke-oven-coke as fuel for heat production and as source for the carbon dissolved in the pig iron. Some part of the carbon is transformed into blast furnace gas. The amount of injected coal (coke or pulverised coal) corresponding to the entire calorific content of the blast furnace gas produced is considered as transformation input, whilst the rest of the injected coal is classified as final energy consumption of the fuel in question.;ELX_SESSIONID=SkP2JRQdhyzLXkYdGPv9Sp342kJcWjtwvW2wyXLpMbSTkmxlVDFj!1423190359?uri=CELEX:32008R1099
Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 On Energy Statistics, Joint International Energy Agency/Eurostat/United Nations Economic Commission For Europe annual questionnaire on solid fossil fuels and manufactured gases