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Definition: Transformation Input to district heating plants (Code B_101009)


Input to district heating plants consists of fuels used in district heating plants. Delivered heat may be used for process or space heating purposes in any sector of economic activity including the residential sector.
B_101009 (Transformation input - District Heating Plants)	= + B_101038(Transformation input in Main Activity Producer Heat Only Plants)	+ B_101039 (Transformation input in Autoproducer Heat Only Plants) + B_101322 (Used for heat pumps) + B_101323 	(Used for electric boilers) <a href="">;ELX_SESSIONID=SkP2JRQdhyzLXkYdGPv9Sp342kJcWjtwvW2wyXLpMbSTkmxlVDFj!1423190359?uri=CELEX:32008R1099</a>
Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 On Energy Statistics, Joint International Energy Agency/Eurostat/United Nations Economic Commission for Europe annual questionnaire on electricity and heat