Definition: Inter-city transport (from the place of residence to the congress town)

Category: Tourism


This includes the means of travelling from the point of origin to the congress city and back.

Categories :

1.  Air

 1.1. Scheduled flights
  1.1.1. Supersonic/First/Business/Premium class
  1.1.2. Full price economy class
  1.1.3. Discounted Economy (include PEX, SUPERPEX, APEX, SUPERAPEX, etc.)

 1.2. Non-scheduled flights
 1.3. Other air services

2.  Waterway

 2.1. Passenger lines and ferries
 2.2. Cruise
 2.3. Other waterway services

3.  Land

 3.1. Railway
 3.2. Motor coach or bus and other public road transport
  3.2.1. Scheduled (e.g. regular services)
  3.2.2 Non-scheduled (e.g. touring)

 3.3. Private vehicle (with capacity for up to eight persons)
 3.4. Vehicle rental
 3.5. Other means of land transport
  3.5.1. Taxi
   3.5.2. Other n.e.c.
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