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Definition: Labour status

Social statistics

According to the 1982 ILO definition, employed persons comprise:
all person above a specified age who during a specified brief period ... were at work, i.e., who performed some work for wage and salary, ... for profit or family gain ... or had a job ... or an enterprise but were not at work.

Unemployed persons comprise:
all persons above a specified age who during the reference period were (i) without work, (ii) currently available for work and (iii) seeking work, i.e. had taken specific steps to seek paid employment or self-employment.
The classification of labour status:
- 1. In labour force
   - 1.1 Employed persons 
   - 1.2 Unemployed persons

 - 2. Not in labour force.
Harmonisation of recommended core units, variables and classifications, 2000 Edition, Eurostat, p.13