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Definition: Land used for transport and communication


Land used for public and private railways, operating on a commercial basis, public roads, land used for surface pipelines for the transport of fuels and other products, airports, land used for installations of the telecommunications system, etc.  Included is also the land used for transport-related offices and other service buildings and installations, such as stations, airport buildings, storage facilities for equipment and repair workshops, space used for sidewalks, grass slopes along railways, windshelter belts along roads, open noise abatement areas round airports as well as any other space needed, according to national practices, for the provision of the related infrastructure.  In terms of ISIC/Rev. 3, the activities included in this category can be described by divisions 60-64.  However, waterways are not classified here, but under water surfaces.
Joint OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire 2002 on the State of the Environment, section on Land