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Definition: Local unit of an enterprise

Social statistics

This definition has relevance for the variables "Economic Activity of the Employer" and "Size of the Enterprise". If the following concept of "local unit of the enterprise"  is not directly applicable in a country, the national definition should be used as a proxy.

The "local unit" to be considered is a geographically identified location where the job is mainly carried out or can said to be based. If a person works in more than one place (transport, construction, maintenance, surveillance, peripatetic work) or at home, the local unit is taken to be the place from where instructions emanate or from where the work is organised.

Normally, it consists of a single building, part of a building, or, at the most, a self-contained group of buildings. The local unit of the enterprise is therefore the group of employees of the establishment who are geographically located at the same site.
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