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Definition: Mixed income


Mixed income is a measure of the surplus accruing from production by unincorporated enterprises owned by households; it implicitly contains an element of remuneration for work done by the owner, or other members of the household, that cannot be separately identified from the return to the owner as entrepreneur.

This definition is used both in SNA 1993 (§ 7.8) and in SNA 2008 (§ 7.9).

Mixed income is the term reserved for the balancing item of the generation of income account of unincorporated enterprises owned by members of households, either individually or in partnerships with others, in which the owners, or other members of their households, may work without receiving any wage or salary (SNA 1993, § 7.81). United Nations, System of National Accounts (SNA) 1993, United Nations, New York, 1993
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