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Definition: Non-agricultural animals

National accounts

The rearing of race-horses, saddle horses, dogs, cats, cage birds, zoo and circus animals and bulls for bullfights is included in the activities defining the agricultural industry, whether it is for breeding, meat production, recreation or sports events (cf. 1.38.3).  The use of these animals for service activities is included in the agricultural industry, only when such activities are performed by agricultural units as inseparable secondary activities. The rearing of non-agricultural animals by units producing solely for own final consumption is not considered as part of the EAA (cf. 1.16.).
Such animals may be sold to:
· households: in which case any subsequent operations involving these animals are of no concern to the EAA;
· other branches: a guard dog, circus animal or racing horse, for example; these form part of the formation of fixed capital of the purchasing branch.
Eurostat, "Manual on the economic accounts for agriculture and forestry EAA/EA 97 (Rev. 1.1)", Luxembourg, 2000