Definition: Number of R&D personnel

Structural business statistics

All persons employed directly on Research & Development (R & D) should be counted, as well as those providing direct services such as R & D managers, administrators and clerical staff. Those persons providing an indirect service, such as canteen and security staff, should be excluded, even though their wages and salaries are included as an overhead in the measurement of expenditure.

R & D personnel must be distinguished from personnel for a wide range of related activities. The following are therefore excluded from R & D personnel:
- personnel employed on education and training
- personnel employed on other scientific and technological activities (E.g. information services, testing and standardisation, feasibility studies etc.)
- personnel employed on other industrial activities (E.g. industrial innovations n.e.s.)
- personnel employed on administration and other indirect supporting activities.
Extract from the definitions of SBS Regulation variables (22 12 0)

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