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Definition: Number of enterprises broken down by country of residence of the parent enterprise

Structural business statistics

Parent enterprise shall mean a parent undertaking within the meaning of Article 1 (1) of Council Directive 83/349/EEC of 13 June 1983 based on the Article 54 (3) (g) on the Treaty on consoli-dated accounts ( ), and any undertaking which, in the opinion of the relevant supervisory authority, effectively exercises a dominant influence over the insurance enterprise.
The following geographical breakdown of parent enterprises has to be used: parent enterprise situated in the home Member State (the observed enterprise can be regarded as domestic controlled), parent enterprise situated in other countries (the observed enterprise can be re-garded as foreign controlled). As mutual enterprises and branches of insurance enterprises with head office in non EEA countries do not have any parent enterprise, these enterprises are not considered here. The ultimate beneficiary ownership is the concept preferred which should as far as possible be followed.
Definition of SBS Regulation variables (11 11 5)