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Definition: Number of rooms

Social statistics

The recommended census definition of a room is rather detailed and therefore a simplified wording has been developed:
 - Definition of a room: a room is defined as a space of a housing unit of at least 4 square meters as normal bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens and habitable cellars and attics. The following space of a housing unit does not count as rooms: a kitchenette (i.e. a kitchen less than 4 square meters), bathrooms, toilets, corridors, verandas, utility rooms and lobbies. Rooms used only for business or professional purposes are excluded.
The variable number of rooms is specified in the same sources as 'tenure status of household' within Eurostat, e.g. in the Household Budget Surveys and the ECHP.
Harmonisation of recommended core units, variables and classifications, 2000 Edition, Eurostat, p.6