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Definition: Operating subsidies

Structural business statistics

For the purposes of structural business statistics, operating subsidies can be separated into two groups.

Subsidies on products are subsidies payable per unit of a good or service. The subsidy may be a specific amount of money per unit of a good or service or it may be calculated ad valorem as a specified percentage of the price per unit. A subsidy on a product usually becomes payable when the good or service is produced, sold or imported, but it may also be payable in other circumstances such as when a good is transferred, leased, delivered or used for own consumption or own capital formation.

Subsidies linked to production are subsidies received by a unit which are not linked to the quantity or the value of goods produced or sold. Notably these subsidies include subsidies on the payroll and workforce, subsidies for environmental protection and grants for interest relief.

Investment subsidies are excluded.
Extract from the definitions of SBS Regulation variables (12 14 0)