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Definition: Other paper and paperboard n.e.s.


Other papers and boards for industrial and special purposes. It includes cigarette papers and stock of filter papers, as well as gypsum liners and special papers for insulating, roofing, and other specific applications or treatments; wallpaper base; unbleached kraft paper and paperboard that are not sack kraft paper or kraftliner and weighing more than 150 g/m² but less than 225 g/m²; felt paper and paperboard; tracing papers; not further processed uncoated paper weighing 225 g/m² or more; and raw copying and transfer papers, in rolls or sheets except carbon or self-copy paper. It excludes all composite, not coated, paper and paperboard of flat layers stuck together; coated paper and paperboard not uniformly bleached throughout the mass; and paper and paperboard covered or coated with plastics (excluding adhesives) UNECE/FAO/Eurostat/ITTO, Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (2010), Definitions
European Commission (Eurostat), "Forestry in the EU and the world - A statistical portrait", Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg , 2011