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Definition: Tranformation Output from autoproducers' thermal power stations (Code B_101122)


Output from autoproducers' thermal power stations covers gross electricity generated and any heat also sold to third parties (Combined heat and power plants) by autoproducer thermal power stations.  Autoproducer thermal power stations generate electricity (and heat) wholly or partly for their use as an activity, which supports their primary activity. The gross electricity generation is measured at the outlet of the main transformers, i.e. the consumption of electricity in the plant auxiliaries and in transformers is included.;ELX_SESSIONID=SkP2JRQdhyzLXkYdGPv9Sp342kJcWjtwvW2wyXLpMbSTkmxlVDFj!1423190359?uri=CELEX:32008R1099
Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 on Energy Statistics, Joint IEA/ESTAT/UN annual questionnaire on electricity and heat