Definition: Overnight stay


Methodological manual for statistics on congresses and conferences

An overnight stay may be defined differently depending on the statistical approach taken. From a destination-based perspective a person is counted as a spending the night in a place visited only if the data of his/her arrival and departure are different. From an origin-based perspective a person spends a night on a qualifying trip if (a) the date  of his departure and return are different, and (b) s/he sleeps in collective or private accommodation during his absence.
The nights spent by the participant must be recorded counting the nights spent during the congress and the days and nights spent before and after the congress. Comments: It covers the total number of nights spent at destination.

Tourism Statistics Pocketbook

A night spent (or overnight stay) is each night that a guest actually spends (sleeps or stays) or is registered (his/her physical presence there being unnecessary) in a collective accommodation establishment or in private tourism accommodation. Overnight stays are calculated by country of residence of the guest and by month. Normally the date of arrival is different from the date of departure but persons arriving after midnight and leaving on the same day are included in overnight stays. A person should not be registered in two accommodations at the same time. The overnight stays of non-tourists (e.g. refugees) should be excluded, if possible.
Eurostat, "Methodological manual for statistics on congresses and conferences", Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 2000

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