Definition: Part of Body Injured

Social statistics

This variable describes the part of the body injured. The current 2 digit version of the classification of "part of body injured", introduced from the reference year 1995, should be used. The classification allows only one choice, i.e. only one code can be chosen to describe the injured part(s) of the body. In cases where several parts of the body have been injured, the site which has been most seriously injured should be chosen e.g. an amputation precedes bone fracture, which precedes wounds etc. In other cases a code for multiple sites should be used at the appropriate level of the classification, e.g., broken hand and foot. In cases where larger parts of the body have been affected, e.g., injuries caused by burns or skalds, a code for multiple sites should be used as well.
Eurostat, "European statistics on accidents at work - Methodology", 1998 Edition, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1999, p.9

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