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Definition: Participant`s main function



The participant's function is the role the participant plays in the holding of the congress. If a participant performs various functions, he or she should be listed under the foremost function allowed by the organiser or recognised within the congress programme. Member categories obviously differ from those of auxiliary services.

Member Categories:

\ Speaker
\ Chairman
\ Moderator / Presenter (in the event of round tables or discussions)
\ Discussants (only those participants named discussants in advance)
\ Participant / Assistant

Companions Categories:

\ Spouse (wife or husband)
\ Child
\ Friend
\ Secretary
\ Bodyguard
\ Other companion

Congress Auxiliary Categories:

\ Organiser
\ Convention Bureau Staff Member
\ Public Relations Worker
\ Tour Guide
\ Hostess
\ Secretary
\ Translator
\ Interpreter
\ Technician (sound, light, etc.)
\ Waiter, Barkeeper or Restaurant Worker
\ Usher
\ Cloakroom Attendant
\ Parking Attendant
\ Security Guard
\ Cleaning Staff Member
\ Provider of Other Services
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